Summer Students



Dear New Student:

Our staff is dedicated to providing you with quality health care, and we extend to you a warm welcome to the Wheaton College community.

At Student Health Services you have access to visits with a nurse or a physician (limited hours available during the summer). Nursing visits are free. There is a charge for each medical provider’s visit. Procedures and medicines also have a separate charge. All charges are billed through Student Accounts. You may use the extensive services that Student Health Services offer even if you do not carry the Wheaton College health insurance.

In order to establish your confidential personal health file, to identify any special health needs, and to comply with Illinois State post-secondary laws, please read the following closely. Each student is required to complete the following medical requirements prior to the first day of classes. Please take the forms to your physician and complete the following: if you are taking 6 or more credits per semester or degree-seeking: the medical history form (to be filled out by student) physical examination, tuberculosis screening and immunization certificate. If you are taking less than 6 credits per semester you will only need to complete the medical history form and the tuberculosis screening. If you have attended Wheaton College in the past, please contact the Student Health Services to find out what health form requirements need to be met. The State of Illinois and Wheaton College require certain immunizations before your college registration is complete. Please review the Immunization Certificate carefully making certain all lines, including the signature, are completed by your physician. Both forms are due to Student Health Services by May 14th for first Summer Session and by June 11th for second Summer Session. Students not in compliance with the medical history form, tuberculosis screening, immunizations and the physical examination requirements by this deadline will be assessed a non-refundable $100.00 late processing fee and placed on registration hold. The registration hold will only be released after the requirements have been met. Transfer students may provide a copy of their physical exam, immunization records and tuberculosis screening from their previous college for review.

If you are a non-traditional graduate student (e.g., modular, certificate programs), entrance requirements may vary depending on your program. Please read requirements for Modular/Intensive Programs.

Evangelism and Leadership: If you are taking less than 6 credits per semester you will only need to complete the medical history form and the tuberculosis screening. If you are taking more than 6 credits per semester, you will also need proof of immunity for mumps, measles, rubella, tetanus and diphtheria. For more program details, please view the Evangelism and Leadership webpage.

SHS offers services and vaccinations for a low cost if you need assistance in completing these requirements. SHS summer hours are Monday- Friday 8am-4pm for administrative services and the clinic is open Monday- Thursday 9am-3pm.

Upon your arrival to campus, feel free to come meet our staff and tour the facility. The Student Health Services is located in the center of the campus for your convenience. We are here to help make your experience at Wheaton College a healthy one.


Britt Black

Director, Student Health Services

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