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The Wheaton Record; September 14, 2012

Below is a representative sample of articles featured in the latest Wheaton Record, the student newspaper of Wheaton College. All articles are written and edited by students. The content does not necessarily reflect the views of Wheaton College.


Genetics Professor Devotes Sabbatical to Field Study

Dr. Rodney Scott, a Fulbright Scholar, received funds to visit Costa Rica over the summer to study freshwater turtle species.

Rodney Scott, professor of genetics at Wheaton College, spent the spring semester and part of the summer of 2012 in Costa Rica conducting field studies in genetics. Scott’s main project involved using microsatellite markers, originally developed for North American freshwater turtles, on two freshwater turtle species found in Costa Rica. More >


Q and A with Ravi Zacharias

Prominent Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias made his first visit to Wheaton College for the Fall Special Services chapel series.

On Sept. 11, Dr. Ravi Zacharias spoke with the Record in a 22-minute phone interview. Given the fact that the well-known evangelist is most likely traveling on any given day – at least 200 days out of the year– and still has to turn down 90 percent of requests for speaking engagements, what were the odds? More >


AlyssaMiss USA Ambassador Junior Alyssa Paulsen Travels to Tampa

Alyssa Paulsen was crowned Miss USA Ambassador in July.

Miss USA Ambassador, junior Alyssa Paulsen, is traveling to Tampa this weekend to attend a gala for the National USA Ambassador charity, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and to attend a Chick-fil-A fundraiser for children with cancer. Paulsen’s main focus is on community service as is consistent with the charity’s motto, “Success through leadership, integrity, character and confidence.” More >

Thunder Tennis Wins Four Straight to Open Season

Wheaton Thunder is 4-0 after wins against Elmhurst College, Millikin and Carthage.

The Thunder women’s tennis team improved their record to 4-0 on the season with wins over Elmhurst College on Thursday, Sept. 6, and two victories on Saturday over Millikin and Carthage. On Thursday, the Thunder completed their second consecutive 9-0 sweep to start the year. More >


September Saturated with Golf for Thunder Women

The Thunder women's golf team plays in five different tournaments in the month of September alone.

The opening quad of fall semester on Wheaton’s campus can be busy for many students, academically speaking. But imagine juggling a school load while also being part of the women’s golf team, who adhere to the following season schedule during A – quad: Aug. 31 – Tournament in North Chicago. Sept. 4 – Tournament in Bristol, Ill. Sept. 7-8 – Tournament in Marshall, Mich. Sept. 13 – Tournament in Racine, Wisc. Sept. 18 – Tournament in Naperville, Ill. Sept. 24-25 – Tournament in South Bend, Ind. Oct. 4-6 – Conference Championships in Racine, Wisc. More >

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