The Wheaton Record; September 7, 2012

Below is a representative sample of articles featured in the latest Wheaton Record, the student newspaper of Wheaton College. All articles are written and edited by students. The content does not necessarily reflect the views of Wheaton College.


Thunder soccer off to a good start

Men and women's teams win home invitational.

Between two last-minute victories for the women and two dynamic displays of offense from the men, the 2012 Bob Baptista Invitational was another success for both Wheaton soccer programs. More >


Ghosts of orientations past

A look into freshman initiation at Wheaton.

Wheaton College welcomes its new students with the Mastodon March and a Big Sibs service trip to Chicago. In previous years, however, when freshmen de-trained at the Wheaton Metra station, they were bombarded with water balloons as they walked from the station to campus. If they weren’t soaked on the walk back to the dorms, the freshmen were met with buckets and pitchers of water on the lawns of Smith-Traber and Fischer Halls. More >


Wheaton appeals dismissal of HHS lawsuit

On Aug. 29, Wheaton College decided to pursue its lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services.

Wheaton College has appealed a federal judge’s decision to dismiss its lawsuit over a government mandate that requires its insurance plans to pay for a range of contraceptives. The mandate, which is defined by the Department of Health and Human Services under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, requires most employers to pay for contraceptive services and counseling, including several contraceptive drugs that Wheaton says violate its beliefs about abortion. More >

Ordinary heroes

Wheaton sophomore co-founds "Ordinary Heroes" to support shooting vicitims.

Zach Dunton and Wheaton College sophomore Kelsie Wendelberger want you to know that heroes aren’t just in movies; anyone can be a hero. This is why, in the wake of the shooting at the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colo., Dunton and Wendelberger created the group Ordinary Heroes – Ordinary People Being Extraordinary in Times of Need. More >


Zipcars zip onto Wheaton's campus

Zipcars are now available for Wheaton students to rent.

Have you ever regretted not having your car on campus? Many students have good reason not to bring their car to campus – whether it’s against campus rules or their car is way older than they are, many students leave their cars at home. Now they can experience the benefits of a car without bringing their own, because Zipcar has arrived on Wheaton’s campus. More >

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