The Wheaton Record; August 23, 2013


Welcome to Wheaton

The 2013 Orientation Committee welcomes new students and parents to Wheaton College.

Meeting new roommates, getting to know campus, discussing classes with advisers and saying goodbye to the family – this week, incoming Wheaton students will be experiencing the many activities that Wheaton’s Orientation Committee has been planning for months. More >

Wheaton's Next Moves

President Ryken’s strategic priorities continue to grow in the coming school year.

Building upon the core values on which Wheaton College was founded and is run, President Ryken’s strategic priorities aim to better each student’s education through four targeted areas of enrichment and change. More >

Wheaton Sports Preview

A look ahead at the 2013-2014 year in Thunder sports.

It’s about that time: time to start caring about classes and homework again, time to condense the story of your life-changing summer down to three minutes for all of your acquaintances and of course, time to start following Thunder athletics again. Here is a look at what this school year could bring for all of the Wheaton sports teams. More >

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