The Wheaton Record; August 30, 2013


Wheaton’s HHS Lawsuit Offered an Accommodation

Wheaton College faces new challenges with the HHS Lawsuit.

On July 18, 2012, Wheaton College filed a lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services over a mandate requiring nearly all organizations of 50 employees or more to provide a range of contraceptives and other “preventative drugs” in employee health insurance plans. Later the following month, the case was dismissed by a federal judge. However, in December 2012, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit released an order that allowed Wheaton’s lawsuit to continue. More >

Students Now Allowed 11 Chapel Skips per Semester

A committee formed by the Student Development Office has changed the Wheaton chapel policy.

Late in the spring semester of 2013, the Student Development Office sent out an e-mail informing students of a change in the chapel attendance and excuse policies that has come into effect this semester. Instead of the former nine skips per semester, students will now be allowed to skip up to 11 chapels per semester. The additional chapel skips have come with the removal of chapel absence forms. More >

Transitions: The Transfer Experience

Orientation week makes lasting impressions despite its demands. 

Admissions statistics record that 664 students are joining the student body this year. Of these students, 602 are freshmen, new to college and all of its diverse experiences. The other 62 already have a year or more of collegiate life behind them and have transferred to Wheaton from schools across the country. For the past week, these 62 students have been put through the often-hectic pace of orientation in preparation for their Wheaton careers. More >

Thunder Up!

Wheaton men’s soccer primed for a deep tournament run.

When the high school recruiting class of 2010 entered Wheaton three years ago, it was the largest of Head Coach Mike Giuliano’s tenure at Wheaton. Sixteen freshmen joined the Thunder that year, comprising more than half of the team. Now seniors, the class of 2014 has one more chance at a run to the NCAA Final Four. More >

Third Time’s the Charm?

Women’s soccer team brings new look, same goal to the 2013

The Wheaton women’s soccer team has reached the NCAA Final Four each of the past two seasons, and each of the past two seasons the Thunder have ended their season there with a loss. In 2013, they have one thing on their mind: a national title. More >

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