Wheaton's League of Legends Club

League of Legends club

Katherine Braden | Assistant Features Editor

Part two of Wheaton’s lesser known clubs continues this week with a look at the Wheaton League. In existence for about a year now, the club is based on League of Legends, an online strategy game. These group members don’t just enjoy the game in their dorm rooms, they are beginning to make a name for themselves in competitions as well.

The Record interviewed Wheaton League member Anthony “CaptainAlbania” Linderman

What is League of Legends exactly? 

You enter the game as a mighty Champion. You can choose from 116 unique champions and play as any one of them. Each of these champions have unique strengths, styles of play and vulnerabilities. Every champion is balanced so that no single champion is stronger than the others. This is when it comes down to skill and strategy because the team which uses its champions best will be able to win the balance of power in lane and drive the minion army closer and closer to the enemy Nexus. 

What is the game like? 

A competitive match of League of Legends is an experience: One hand on the keyboard, one on the mouse and your whole heart in the game. You begin to lose sight of where the game stops and you begin. You become so invested in the game that a victory is elation and defeat is horror. But one mis-click, slip of a finger or a splinter of distraction and your digital champion dies. The screen darkens and your champion staggers to the ground, but you’re not looking at him, you’re looking at your revive timer, urging the long seconds to tick past until you’re back to help your teammates. 

Who plays League of Legends?

You know someone who plays League of Legends. Every single day an average of twelve million players will log online for a match. This number is a testament to the electric excitement of the game. Approximately a hundred students on Wheaton campus play League of Legends, and that number is growing as more people discover the thrill of pitting their mind, skill and strategy against other players in a competitive environment. There is a steep learning curve, but conceiving the basic premise of the game is simple. 

I heard there’s an official Wheaton team now that the team competes at the intercollegiate level. Is that correct? 

“The Wheaton League” is the Wheaton College’s League of Legends official team, helmed by Jeremy “Mr.SquishTaco” Akin. Earlier this year, the Wheaton League had a tournament to establish a formal team who would compete in intercollegiate tournaments. The team that emerged is made up of five of Wheaton College’s most skilled and dedicated players. The team is young and has yet to win any major titles, but there is much potential in the growing synergy of the team. The League began to make a name for themselves in the collegiate circuit after they beat Princeton University earlier this year.

Who’s on this team? 

In addition to Akin, the team is made up of David “irule11haha” Yoon, Daniel “Breakfasteater” Davenport, Jeff “400 Pandas” Burge and Jonathan “GrazzaB” Barbalas.

When do you meet? 

Most of the time the club meets in cyber space through Skype.

How long have you been a group? 

About a year. 

Why was the group formed?

League of Legends club gives (members) a chance to play with fellow Wheaties as opposed to a lonely game when played with strangers.

What does the time commitment look like? 

A game can last anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes!

How many people are involved in the group? 

Even though it is a relatively young club, it already has around fifty active members 

Is there a fee to participate? 

There is no fee to join, and (the club) provides a great environment to build teamwork, communication and strategic skill.

What is your favorite memory of participating in the Society? 

The best part of the Wheaton League is friendships that are forged in the fires of simulated battle. There is little more conducive to friendship than having a teammate pull you out of harm’s way or take a bullet that was meant for you.

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