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Humble Beginnings

WETN started as an AM station from a storage closet in Pierce Chapel in 1947 and switched to FM in 1962. The station eventually moved to the Billy Graham Center, and students worked alongside faculty and staff to produce news, sports, drama, and music programming, broadcast to the campus and local community as an extension of academic programs. For many students, the station helped develop communication and technology skills as well as personal confidence, which proved beneficial for a variety of vocations.

WETN Radio to Go Off the Air

In recent decades there has been decreasing student interest in the station, and the College’s academic programming no longer emphasizes radio broadcasting. Additionally, listening and viewing habits are now more directed to the internet for content. In light of these factors, the College has decided to sell the frequency operated by WETN-FM, 88.1 FM.

The College has now finalized an agreement with Educational Media Foundation (EMF) for this purchase. EMF operates the K-Love and Air1 radio formats around the country. This transfer occurred on February 28, 2016, and EMF will soon be sending its signal over the 88.1 FM frequency.

The College’s recent shift to online delivery of event media has been well-received. Video of Chapel services, concerts, academic lectures, and athletic events are now streamed live. Video is also available on YouTube and the Athletics website for on-demand viewing. Each year, Wheaton College students continue to receive training in audio and video production to capture and distribute content worldwide.

Wheaton College celebrates the rich tradition of WETN and the many people who contributed to its efforts since 1947.

WETN in Pictures

Take a look at significant events and people from throughout the nearly 70 years of WETN radio! (17 images)

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