The Department of Education at Wheaton College prepares educators who teach and lead for human flourishing.


The Wheaton College model for teacher education includes a developmentally appropriate curriculum, structured around experiences and theoretical constructs which cultivate and promote scholarship, service and reform. The Wheaton Teacher Education Program (WheTEP) is an experience-oriented program based on the liberal arts. The conceptual framework for the program is Preparing Educators Who Teach and Lead for Human Flourishing. In order to develop teachers to the best of their potential, Wheaton provides students with opportunities for hands on experience in the classroom, as well as instruction and mentorship from teachers and professors. The Education Department partners with the Cleveland Public Elementary School in Chicago, international teaching organizations, and HoneyRock to provide a wide range of teaching experiences for its students.

With accreditation from the Illinois State Board of Education and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, Wheaton prepares students to be teachers through initial licenses in Elementary, Secondary, and K-12 Special (Music and Foreign Language) Education. Wheaton also offers a Master of Arts in Teaching through the graduate program.



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