Cost: $15 

Identifies: Strengths / Themes of Talent

Assessment tools will not tell you your future. They will, however, help you understand who you are and as such, give an indication of areas in which you can use your gifts, skills and strengths. The Center for Vocation and Career recommends the Gallup StrengthsQuest Assessment which we believe can help you gain insight to future choices, and help people learn about and build upon their greatest talents to create strengths that will enhance all aspects of their lives.

This 40-minute assessment reveals your top five themes of talent. Please come in to the Center for Vocation and Career to receive your online code and password. We accept cash, check, or can bill your student account. Upon purchasing a code, you will also be granted access to online tools to help you maximize your top strengths. The StrengthsQuest assessment requires a one-hour follow-up appointment in order to professionally interpret your results.


Career Cruising

Cost: Free

Identifies: Interests and Values

Email to receive a log-on code and password to access the online Career Cruising Planning Program. Results can provide basic knowledge to identify compatible occupations, programs of study, training options, and preparation for job placement. Should be used in conjunction with the StrengthQuest Assessment. Take the Career Cruising Assessment >>

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