How-To Guides

Use our guides to create your own winning résumé, cover letter or curriculum vitae.


Cover Letter Guide

Your cover letter should have three key parts. Learn what those are in our cover letter guide.

Curriculum Vitae

CVs are used less often than résumés, but are critical when needed. Learn how to put together your own curriculum vitae.

References and Letters of Recommendation

You should have three references when you apply. Who do you choose, and how do you get them? Find out more about references and letters of recommendation.

Résumé Guide

Wheaton résumés stand out. Learn why in our résumé guide. If you've graduated already, take a look at how to draft an experienced hire resume.


View samples to use as guides for your own résumés or other professional paperwork.

Thank You Emails

Thank you emails set you apart from others in the job search process. Learn why, and how to write a thank you email.

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