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Wheaton Center for Faith, Politics and Economics exists to advance the training of Wheaton College students and the greater community in the understanding of market economies, representative democracies, limited government and the redeeming effect of the Christian worldview on the practice of business, government and politics.


Spring 2017 Newsletter

This edition includes articles on the following:

  • Student retrospective on our symposium with Sam Peltzman, Bruce D. Meyer and W. Bradford Wilcox , “Income Inequality: The Role of Markets and Government.”
  • Retrospective on our panel discussion with Rich Baker, Esq., Jennifer Marshall, Kassie Dulin, and Al Gombis, Esq., “The State of Religious Liberties in America.”
  • Feature article by Ruben Navarrette, Jr., syndicated journalist with the Washington Post Writers Group.
  • Faculty article by Professor Bruce Howard on "How Liberal Arts Education Prepares People for the World of Work."
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Event Videos for 2016-2017

Income Inequality:  The Role of Markets and Government
January 19, 2017
Sam Peltzman, Bruce Meyer, and W. Bradford Wilcox


The State of Religious Liberties in America
December 6, 2016
Rich Baker, Kassie Dulin, Al Gombis and Jenniefer Marshall


Iron Sharpens Iron 2017

Eastern Europe/Baltic States
Czech Republic, Poland, Germany/Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia 

Explore the interaction between public policy and the economy in a post-communist era.

Dates: May 8-July 1, 2017

Cost: $7,500 (includes 8 credits and a month of travel)

Application Deadline: January 13, 2017

Read blog posts from our students during their 2015 trip to Colombia, Panama and Peru:

Find more information on the Iron Sharpens Iron program

Apply now on the GoGlobal website.  


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