M.A. in Biblical Exegesis

The Biblical Exegesis concentration is a biblical language-based program which emphasizes study in both the Old and New Testaments.


Prerequisite Requirements

Students who have deficiencies in prerequisites and are admitted to the MA Biblical Exegesis program may complete the prerequisite courses concurrently with the graduate degree requirements. Completing the following prerequisite course work through your undergraduate college or university prior to applying may strengthen your application in the selection process:

GREK 101, 102, 201 (12 hours)*

HEBR 301, 302, 401 (12 hours)*

BITH 565 Christian Theology (4 hours)

*Wheaton College provides Ancient Language Tuition Rebate awards that cover up to 24 hours of course work if a student needs to take prerequisite courses in Hebrew and/or Greek, significantly reducing the overall costs for those who have not previously studied the biblical languages.

Degree Requirements (42 hours)

Core Requirements (22 hours)

BITH 524 Introduction to Hermeneutics (2)

BITH 528 Introduction to New Testament Exegesis - Greek Based (2)

BITH 562 Introduction to Old Testament Exegesis - Hebrew Based (2)

BITH 541 Old Testament Criticism (2)

BITH 543 New Testament Criticism (2)

BITH 539 Near Eastern Backgrounds of the Old Testament (2)

BITH 551 Greco Roman Backgrounds of the New Testament (2)


BITH 552 Jewish Background of the New Testament (2)

BITH 638 Old Testament Theology (4)

BITH 648 New Testament Theology (4)

Greek/Hebrew Text Based Exegetical Studies (12 hrs)

(At least one 4 credit course in each language)

BITH 635 Old Testament Book Studies from the Hebrew Text (2) or (4)

BITH 646 New Testament Book Studies from the Greek Text (2) or (4)

Electives (8 hrs)

(At least one 2 credit non-text based course)

Elective courses may be selected from the courses listed at the following links in consultation with your advisor:

Archaeology Course Listings

Biblical & Theological Course Listings

Comprehensive Exam

BITH 692 Graduate Comprehensive Exam (0)

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