M.A. in Biblical Exegesis

The masters in Biblical Exegesis is a biblical language-based degree which emphasizes study in both the Old and New Testaments. Students will be able to interpret scripture through study of the Greek and Hebrew ancient languages.


Biblical Exegesis

Acquire the training and research tools that will qualify you to advance to careers in biblical scholarship, Bible translation, church leadership, Christian publishing, and more. Learn to exegete the Hebrew OT and Greek NT culturally, canonically, and apply it to the life of faith within the context of the local church.

Degree Requirements

The central focus of this degree is exegesis. All students will be trained in skills specific to both Old and New Testament exegesis, followed by in-depth book studies in the original languages of Scripture. Other requirements include courses in hermeneutics, backgrounds (ANE and Jewish/Greco-Roman), criticism (OT and NT), and biblical theology (OT and NT).

A working knowledge of both biblical Hebrew and Greek are required for the completion of this degree. Students with prerequisite deficiencies are eligible for tuition rebates on all language prerequisites. Find more detailed information on degree completion and prerequisite requirements:

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