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The Princess and the Goblin

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Reading MacDonald: Where to Begin

A selection of titles by George MacDonald for readers looking for a place to start:

George MacDonald: An Anthology: A selection of 365 excerpts from the writing of George MacDonald, edited and arranged by one of his greatest admirers, C.S. Lewis.

Phantastes: A fantasy novel for adults which follows a young man, Anodos, on his journey of self discovery. C.S. Lewis said of Phantastes: “What it actually did to me was to convert, even to baptize … my imagination.” Preface to George MacDonald: An Anthology

The Princess and the Goblin: A novel-length fairy tale of the Princess Irene, Curdie the miner’s son, and their fight to protect the kingdom from some wicked goblins. This book was a favorite of G.K. Chesterton.

Sir Gibbie: One of several realistic adult novels written by MacDonald, Sir Gibbie is the favorite of many readers. The story is set in the highlands of Scotland and centers on an orphan boy who cannot speak, but whose life is full of love and generosity.

The Wise Woman: A fairy tale of two spoiled children, a princess and a shepherd’s daughter, their choices, and their dealings with a kind but firm guardian who is determined to save them from themselves, the Wise Woman.


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Other Primary Repositories with MacDonald Materials:

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, New Haven, CT

The British Library, London, England

Brander Library, Huntly, Scotland

King's College, London, England

Harvard University

[Note that for many of the Wade authors there are numerous smaller collections which hold primary materials in addition to those listed above. For more information, contact the Wade Center archival staff.]

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