Collections Overview


Fireplace Lion DetailThis is a brief listing of the types of materials housed at the Wade Center. The staff will gladly assist you in locating these resources and answering specific questions.

The Wade Center attempts to collect all primary and secondary titles related to our authors. We also have an extensive collection of various editions, including first British and American editions for almost every work by the Wade authors. Reading copies of primary and secondary titles are located in the Reading Room. First, older and fragile editions, and additional secondary titles are available by request. The Wade Center also owns books from the authors' personal libraries. Some books have been added to the Wheaton College campus library catalog, and more are added on a regular basis.

The Wade Center owns thousands of original and photocopied letters by our authors. Some of these are conveniently arranged in binders with a photocopy of the original letter on the left-hand side of the page, followed by a typed transcription on the right. The remainder of our letter collection, though not transcribed, is foldered and available for research use.

The Wade Center has both original and photocopies of manuscripts by the authors. Research copies are available for use in the Reading Room, and listings of our manuscript holdings are available both in the Reading Room, and on the Manuscript Listings page.

An extensive collection of dissertations and theses related to the Wade authors is available for research use.

Archival Collections
Archives consist of various materials (papers, notes, misc. items) related to a particular book, theme, or person. Finding aids to archival collections are available in the Reading Room, and on the Finding Aid Listings page.

Bound Journals/Periodicals
The Wade Center has subscriptions to many journals relevant to the seven Wade authors, such as The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society, The Chesterton Review, Mythlore, etc. We also hold copies of many of the original journals in which our author's writings appeared. Some journals have been added to the Wheaton College campus library catalog, and more are added on a regular basis.

Article File
The Wade Center maintains a substantial article file with various materials (including journal articles, poems, essays, letters to the editor, reviews, etc.) both by and about our authors.

Oral History Project
This is a collection of interviews with friends, acquaintances, and relatives of the Wade authors. The interviews are available in written transcript format, as well as audio or video recording.

The Wade Center owns various photographs of or relating to the authors. A select group of these photos may be used with Wade Center permission, and with payment of appropriate fees. Please see the Photo Loan Request Procedure for further information. We are unable, however, to provide photos for personal use.

Sound and Video Recordings
These collections contain many resources, including lectures, films, music, dramatizations, and more. They are available for use in the Wade Center Reading Room. See the desk attendant for assistance.

For questions or more specific information on our holdings, please contact the archival staff at

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