Letter Collection Listings

The Wade Center's letter collections include handwritten or typed original correspondence by, to, or about the seven Wade authors, and their families and friends. To search across all the listings, use the search function via the "search now" box on the right. Please reference the letter collection title, author, recipient, folder number (where applicable), and letter date(s) when contacting archival staff with questions about these collections.

CSL Desk with Letters

The Owen Barfield Papers (pdf)

The G.K. Chesterton Family Correspondence Collection (pdf)

The C.S. Lewis Letters Collection (pdf)

The George MacDonald Family Papers (pdf)

The Dorothy L. Sayers Papers (pdf)

The J.R.R. Tolkien Papers (pdf)

The Charles Williams Papers (pdf)


Commonly used Terms and Abbreviations in the Letter Collection Listings


    recto = front side of lf.

    verso = back side of lf.

    revisions = any corrections, alterations, additions, or deletions


    p. = page

    pp. = pages

    lf. = leaf

    lvs. = leaves

    ALs. = handwritten letter, signed (ACs. = handwritten card, signed)

    TLs. = typed letter, signed (TCs. = typed card, signed)

    pc. = photocopy (e.g. pc. TMs. or pc. AMs.)

    cc. = carbon copy (e.g. cc. TMs. or cc. AMs.)

    mf. = microfilm

    ps. = photostat (e.g. ps. TMs. or ps. AMs.) Definition: A form of duplication that makes quick positive or negative copies directly on the surface of prepared paper.

The following abbreviations may also appear in some letter collections to designate which repository owns the original letter.

W = Original is held at The Marion E. Wade Center

B = Original is held at the Bodleian Library, Oxford

X = Original is held by another institution or a private individual

t = The Wade Center owns a transcription of the original


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