SEVEN now comprises thirty volumes, each containing a variety of articles and reviews featuring the seven authors of the Wade Center.


Current: Volume 30 (2013)

This volume marks the 30th anniversary of VII's publication and the 50th anniversary of C.S. Lewis's death. Of particular note, Volume 30 features the first-ever publication of an early autobiographical manuscript by C.S. Lewis, "Early Prose Joy." Carefully transcribed by Andrew Lazo, this essay gives readers a look into the young Lewis's life and mind as he explains the process by which he first became a Theist.


"'Early Prose Joy': A Brief Introduction"

by Andrew Lazo

"'Early Prose Joy': C.S. Lewis's Early Draft of an Autobiographical Manuscript"

by C.S. Lewis (a previously unpublished manuscript transcribed by Andrew Lazo)

"A Grief Observed: A Study of C.S. Lewis's Thoughts on the Subject"

by Walter Hooper

"C.S. Lewis and the BBC's Brains Trust: A Study in Resiliency"

by Bruce R. Johnson (including previously upublished transcripts of C.S. Lewis's appearance on the Brains Trust)

"'Shifting Change': Liminality and Gender in Till We Have Faces"

by Suzanne Rosenthal Shumway


"Review Essay: The Hopeless Hope of G.K. Chesterton"

by Don W. King (including previously unpublished excerpts from Joy Davidman's poetry)

In addition to the articles listed above, Volume 30 also includes book reviews and an editorial recognizing the important milestones of 2013.







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