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The Wade Center regularly runs book discussion groups.


Reading at the Wade

Saturday mornings, resuming in September

Previous session: January 7 - April 8, 10-11 am

C. S. Lewis.  That Hideous Strength.  Collier Books.  Macmillan

George MacDonald.  The Complete Fairy Tales.  Penguin Classics

G. K. Chesterton.  The Everlasting Man.   Ignatius.      

That Hideous Strength is an imaginative rendition of the warnings issued in The Abolition of Man.  We are confronted with a frighteningly prophetic picture of the possible annihilation of all that makes life worth living when “scientists” forsake traditional values and pursue their megalomaniac ambitions.  Poised against this dark vision is the story of the salvation of the two main characters.  As Tom Howard remarks, Lewis gives us in this final novel of the space trilogy,  “as excellent a condensing of his thought as could be asked for.”   

In writing his many fairy tales, George MacDonald appeals to the minds of adults as well as of children.  He uses the literary conventions of traditional fairy tales and invests them with his inimitable brand of humor, paradox, and irony to entertain and instruct all reader’s, whether 7 years of age, or 70.

In The Everlasting Man G. K. Chesterton is responding to G. K. Wells’s contention in the Outline of History that history is the result of natural selection and an evolutionary process.  Chesterton does not claim to be an historian or a theologian, but simply insists that there are some very simple and obvious facts that both professional historians and scientists tend to overlook.  He contends that these simple realities show history as the story of the preparation for, and the advent of, the Divine Creator into his world.  Chesterton’s thinking is a refreshing and provocative response to many of the secular assumptions of our day.

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