Reading Groups

The Wade Center regularly runs book discussion groups.


Reading at the Wade

Saturday mornings, January 9 - April 9

  • Williams, Charles. The Greater Trumps. Regent
  • MacDonald, George. Lilith. Eerdmans

This book discussion group, facilitated by Dr. Rolland Hein (professor emeritus of English at Wheaton College), meets at the Wade Center on Saturday mornings from 10:00am - 11:00am during the school year.

In The Greater Trumps, one of Charles Williams’s most challenging and penetrating  novels, the central symbol is a pack of tarot cards which, when properly commanded, gives the seeker access into the central dance of the universe. The novel shows how only the supreme power of Christian love, as opposed to self-seeking efforts for personal aggrandizement, works in harmony with the ultimate nature of things. It is on that higher plain that the true spiritual significance of life is played out.

MacDonald’s final fantasy, Lilith, invites comparison with Dante’s The Divine Comedy and Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress as works that portray imaginatively what makes for the soul’s eternal health. The protagonist, Mr. Vane, stumbles into the mysterious and exciting world of Eternal Reality. His strange adventures there, together with the puzzling array of characters he meets, give compelling mythic expression to the main tenets of MacDonald’s theology.

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Audio recordings of the Wade Center's Saturday morning reading group discussions are free and available for download.

Reading groups are free and open to anyone who would like to participate, but sign-up is required due to space considerations. For questions or more information, contact the Wade Center front desk at 630-752-5908 or at


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